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Introdução Pessoal (um par de frases)

Biografia (limite de 4000 caracteres) 4000 character limit to biography, four thousands characters to describe what Flavia has been done in the past three decades. 4000 characters, and now 169 already have gone, to make la grafia de la vida, the writing of some life, a escritura da vida. A part of course from all the eating, and breathing, and sleeping in bed, what else worthwile speaking about? Since those everyone have been doing, what's then that make Flavia special? What makes her deserve a second look? Don't you know that she asks herself this same question every morning? And, if you're sincere enought in yourself, wouldn't you ask yourself this same question? Or are we all still believing in the very special kids we are, so different from our classmates, that our mama and papa used to tell us? But then, my friend, perhaps you didn't experience this naive shock yet , the one that will shows you undoubtedly that we are not special at all and our biography